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The Beaches of the coastal region of Aigialia

There are an untold number of wonderful charming beaches along the Aigialia coastline.

Everybody will find a beach of his dreams.

Psathopirgosis a  picturesque fishing village about 15 km west of the Harmony Hotel is the perfect spot for a swim and a meal in one of the many seafood eateries.

Lampiri is a small village 3 km west of Longos. It has a nice natural bay with pine trees and very good seafood restaurants.

Akoli is a small settlement with a wonderful large beach 4 km east of Longos. The village itself has many taverns and cafes as well as directly on the beach. It has a large park, a football field and many shops.

Aliki is the beach of the city of Aigion which lies 7 km east of the Harmony Hotel and is situated at a nature reserve of the same name. There are also nice taverns and cafes along this wide beach.

Nikoleika is a nice beach with taverns and cafes about 15 km east of Longos.

Rodia is a small isolated beach about 17 km east of the Harmony Hotel.

Eleonas is a wide beach about 18 km east of Longos, with many taverns and cafes directly on the beach.

Diakofto, about 20 km east of the Harmony Hotel, has a lovely sandy beach at the outskirts, called Engali, with several cafes, snack bars and open air discos.

Trapeza is a wonderful beach about 22 km east of Longos with deep clear water and beach taverns.

Digeliotika is another fantastic beach with taverns that is consistently awarded the Blue Flag and is about 12km from Longos.