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Aigio, the capital of Aigialeia.

A coastal city that combines mountains and sea in perfect harmony

Built on three levels with a magnificent view of the Corinthian gulf, Aigio still retains characteristic features that testify to its rich history.
Its coastal zone with the port and stone buildings are characteristic of the last century, and now renovated, mainly host cultural and recreational activities, creating a lively area throughout the year.
There are also important sights for visitors, such as the famous church of Panagia Trypitis, the square with the Plane Tree (Platanus) that is said to date from the time of the traveler Pausanias, the twelve fountains, but also the habitat of Aliki which is an important way station for many migratory bird species.
The connection with the upper city, with its historical and commercial center is through cobbled streets and stairs, either the well-known stairs of Philopimenos or the picturesque steps that follow a cliff and reach the beautiful square of Ypsilon Alonia.
Aigio has a rich cultural heritage such as the Archaeological Museum where remarkable finds are exhibited from excavations made in the area of Aigialeia, a Folklore Museum, Ecclesiastical Museum, and historic neoclassical buildings.
Aigio has the charm of a small town with a rich history but also a mood for modern life.