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Daytrip to the Archaeological Site of Delphi from Harmony Hotel Apartments

The Oracle of Delphi was dedicated to Apollo and is said to have been the most important oracle of ancient Greece.
Delphi is approximately 150 km from Longos and it is situated on the slopes of Mount Parnassus in the Pleisto River valley.
Classic Delphi is said to have been the “Navel of the Earth” of the ancient world (Omphalos).
The Oracle of Delphi was well-known not only in Greece, but throughout the ancient world.
The festival honoring Apollo was also designated pan-Hellenic (for all Greeks) and was second only to the festival honoring Zeus in Olympia.
The holy way, the treasury of Athens, the Polygonal “lesbian” Wall, the Temple of Apollo, the site of the subterranean oracle, the theatre and the stadium are some of the most important archaeological sites. Most findings are exhibited in the museum.

Journey to Delphi: by ferry from Rio or over the Rio – Antirion bridge (Charilaos Trikoupis). On the way you can take advantage and visit the lovely villages of Nafpaktos, Galaxidi and Itea.