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Corinth (Korinthos) and the Channel of Corinth – Day Trip

The remains of the ancient town of Corinth and its Acropolis (Akrokorinth), the ruins of the Temple of Poseidon in Isthmia and the Channel of Corinth are some of the most interesting sights of northeastern Peloponnese.
Akrokorinth was built on a limestone hill (575 m above sea level), which was one of the strongest natural fortresses of Europe.
The summit is surrounded by a wall with several fortifications.
Within the walls of the Temple of Aphrodite, thousands of sacred prostitutes satisfied worshippers!

The Old Town: Due to the location of its two ports (Lechaion in the bay of Korinth and Kechreai in the Saronian Gulf), it enjoyed an exceptionally strong commercial trade position between Europe and Asia.
At that time, Periander, one of seven wise men who ruled for 44 years (629-585 BC), attracted many intellectuals.
In 146 BC the town was totally destroyed by the Roman Mummius.
A hundred years later, Julius Cesar built a colony for veterans.
While staying here for 18 months, the Apostle Paulus preached the gospel and founded a church.

Isthmia: The Temple of Poseidon, one of four pan-Hellenic sanctuaries, was famous for the bi-annual festival to dignify a Greek hero.

The Channel of Corinth: The Diolkos, a paved slipway, was used to drag ships from one channel to the other. The idea of channel construction dates back to the times of Periander and was finally realized in the late 19th century.

Corinth, with its channel, is only 100 km from Harmony Hotel Apartments and can be reached by national highway in about 1 hour.