Ancient Theatre of Aigira

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The Path to the Theatre

The Path to the Theatre

View of the Theatre Overlooking the Corinthian Gulf

View of the Sunset from the Heights of the Theatre

The Ancient Theatre of Aigira in Aigialia

Overlooking the Gulf of Corinth at an altitude of 350 meters is the Ancient Theatre of Aigeira near the town with the same name. Its construction dates back to 280-250 BC. The main theatre, the koilon, is horse-shoe shaped and provides ample view to the Corinthian Gulf. During the Hellenistic period the scene was built on two levels. The total capacity is estimated at 3,000 spectators. The auditorium was divided by a frieze in two parts. The length is 30.70 meters. The theater is approximately 50 km. from Aigio with direction toward Athens.