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The Famous Parthenon Temple of Acropolis

In the Acropolis Metro Station

A Tour by Mini-Train

View of the Acropolis

Propylaea of the Athenian Acropolis

Wonderful View of Athens from the Acropolis

The Ancient Temple Erechthion in Acropolis

Herodus Attikus Theatre

The Thission Temple in Athens

Presidential Guard (Evzone) in Front of the Parliament

The Greek Parliament in Athens

Syntagma Square in Athens

Buildings in the City Center of Athens

Syntagma Metro Station

Athens Metro Station

The National Museum of Athens

Street View of Plaka

Romantic Locale in Plaka (Old City of Athens)

Monastiraki Square

Monastiraki Marketplace in Athens

Lantern of Diogenes in Plaka

The Tower of the Winds in Plaka

View of the Acropolis from Plaka

Fethiye Mosque in Plaka Athens

Athens and the Acropolis

In 1834, Athens became the capital of modern Greece. During this period arose the polis (city) around the Acropolis hill. In two centuries the city has developed into an attractive modern city with incomparable charm.

Today's metropolis of Athens with its 3.5 million inhabitants (including suburbs and Piraeus) is the political, social, cultural and economic center of Greece.

The Acropolis is its most famous symbol and a tourist attraction. It was the citadel and the religious center of the ancient city. Its monuments are imposing and unique in beauty and the Parthenon is a synonym for architectural perfection.